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Economic Warfare

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North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un, has confirmed that the Democratic People's Republic now has thermonuclear capabilities after testing it's newly developed hydrogen bomb at the country's nuclear test site. Aside from obvious political, military and environmental implications, this could have considerable economic ramifications, especially for Australia should it get caught... Show More

The trillion dollar secret

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Following the release of the Sept Qtr national accounts, we opined that Australian’s would be shocked to learn when our net foreign debt breached $1T in the Dec Qtr. We were wrong on two accounts. 1) The net foreign debt had actually breached $1T in the Sept Qtr. The ABS... Show More

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One trillion dollars and still counting...

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Last week’s national accounts for the September Quarter suggested that Australia had lifted its growth rate. The growth reading was in part due to a bounce in the volume of exports and a decline in the deficit of the balance of trade. The accounts showed that exports added 1.5% to... Show More

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