australian rates

When we spoke with Charlie Jamieson from Jamieson Coote Bonds about Australian rates back in April, he told us to expect the two cuts we’ve seen since. So, where to from here? “We absolutely believe the RBA has more to do, and we fully expect rate cuts in February next... Show More

Chris Stott, Chief Investment Officer at Wilson Asset Management, thinks the Australian market is fairly priced at its current PE of around 15-16 times - slightly above the long-term average. With rate hikes due in the US opening the possibility of a short-term correction, plus the expectation of further rate... Show More

Vimal Gor, Head of Income & Fixed Interest at BT Investment Management, doesn't expect to see inflation picking up anytime soon. With broad-based weakness in inflation, both domestic and tradeable, it would be surprising to see interest rate cuts achieve their objective. "What we're seeing is a global deflation pulse... Show More