What's driving markets right now?

Clime Asset Management
Clime Asset Management Funds Management & Stock Research

In this article we look at some of the more topical subjects influencing financial markets and analyse a few interesting charts. We start with rising rates – the message being delivered by the Federal Reserve’s Janet Yellen in uncharacteristic straightforward terms. Then we cast an eye over President Trump’s tax... Show More

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are Just Reruns of 90’s Bubbles

Jonathan Rochford
Jonathan Rochford Narrow Road Capital

The old saying that history doesn’t repeat but often rhymes sums up the fervour surrounding cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The media loves to write about something new and sexy and the financial media loves to write about those things as well, especially when they involve volatile asset prices. As cryptocurrencies and... Show More

Gold on the Ropes as Markets Hit All Time Highs

Jordan Eliseo
Jordan Eliseo ABC Bullion

Precious metal prices have been in full retreat the past few weeks, with the price of gold declining toward USD $1300oz. This pullback has had a number of drivers including an easing of the ‘safe haven’ bid as markets fade the rhetoric to do with Korea, the USD catching a... Show More

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Marks: 'I was wrong about Bitcoin'

Patrick Poke
Patrick Poke Livewire Markets

Howard Marks expressed concerns over a range of different assets and indicators in his last memo, which caused quite a media uproar. So he’s expanded and clarified some of his views. More interesting though, was his change of opinion on Bitcoin. His key quotes from this new memo are below. Show More

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ASX set to lead in blockchain for public companies

Livewire News
Livewire News Livewire

Australian markets operator ASX Ltd on Friday said it has bought a minority stake in a U.S. blockchain developer, positioning itself to become the first stock exchange in the world to use distributed ledger technology for public companies. "Distributed Ledger Technology could provide a once in a generation opportunity to... Show More

Bitcoin could drop to $100: Kim Cramer-Larsson, Saxo Bank technical analyst..

Saxo Capital Markets Australia
Saxo Capital Markets Australia Multi-asset trading platform

Bitcoin could drop to $100: Kim Cramer-Larsson, Saxo Bank technical analyst... Less than 12 months ago, the price of a bitcoin was $1072 but in the past three months Bitcoin's average price has more than halved from $634 to $305 from July to October. Saxo Bank technical analyst Kim Cramer-Larsson... Show More


Matt Felsman
Matt Felsman Asia Pacific Prudential Securities Pty Ltd

ADD TO YOUR WATCHLISTS - DigitalBTC (ASX:DCC). This morning I met with Executive Chairman of DigitalBTC (ASX:DCC), Zhenya Tsvetnenko. The company listed on the ASX on Monday of this week and closed its first day at 28.5c - above its 20c prospectus price. Last closing at 35. DCC is the... Show More

Cash is on the way out, electronic is on the way in

Livewire Equities

Cash is on the way out, electronic is on the way in. According to Magellan's Dom Giuliano Visa and Mastercard represent an amazing opportunity that you can't really acquire on the Australian market. Presenting at the Intelligent Investor annual roadshow Giuliano highlighted the prevailing tailwinds in the electronic payments industry.... Show More