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Standard & Poor's has cut its credit rating outlook for second-tier Australian banks, highlighting the growing risks to lenders from rising property prices and household debt. The credit rating agency on Monday lowered its credit rating outlook for 25 financial institutions in the country, including Bank of Queensland, Bendigo and... Show More

Jonathan Rochford

With the potential for a downgrade in the credit rating of Australia, and the recent downgrade of the United Kingdom there’s been a spike in interest in credit rating opinions. While many speak of the desire for Australia to retain the coveted “AAA” rating few understand what actually goes into... Show More

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S&P cuts ratings on six European Banks. Six European banks, including Credit Suisse Group AG and HSBC Holdings Plc, had their ratings cut by Standard & Poor's on the prospect that governments are less likely to provide aid in a crisis. Barclays Plc and Lloyds Banking Group Plc also had... Show More