dick smith

Patrick Poke

It was a quiet week this week as Victorians enjoyed the Spring Racing Carnival. Next week promises to be anything but quiet with the much anticipated US presidential election. This time next week we'll be talking about either President-elect Trump or President-elect Clinton... A scary thought. In the meantime, Shane... Show More

Nathan Bell

It’s been a rough start to the year for most investors, but particularly those without international exposure. Most major stock indexes have fallen substantially and each day brings another statistic from 2015 showing that outside the FANG stocks (i.e. Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google) the US virtually suffered a bear... Show More

Wilson Asset Management

Troubled electronics retailer Dick Smith (ASX: DSH) went into voluntary administration on Monday, following failure to secure funds from its banks. Management said sales and cash generation were below expectations in the key December trading period, continuing the weak trend of previous months. The announcement follows an earnings warning in... Show More