global growth

Callum Thomas

In the latest edition of the Weekly Macro Themes report we looked at some surprising trends in global trade growth. I say surprising not because the improvement in global trade took me by surprise - our leading indicators clearly flagged it last year (when most people were very bearish on... Show More

Clime Asset Management

The price of equity markets has been a talking point for many months, with many investors concerned there could be a correction just around the corner, yet equities continue to ride high. So are they overpriced, or are they correctly anticipating higher earnings? It all depends on how you look... Show More

Mathan Somasundaram

Despite short term stimulus reprieves, the medium to long term dynamics point to slowing global growth, weaker commodity prices and lower interest rates. The conflicting monetary and fiscal policy settings will continue to weigh on any global growth recovery. The risk of the US Fed move, the negative outlook for... Show More

David Bassanese

Amid the breathless reporting on the Chinese economy in January a widely quoted fact was that growth “had slowed last year to the weakest pace in 25-years”. This note places China’s recent growth performance in an historical perspective. As we will see in this analysis, Chinese economic growth has... Show More

Saxo Capital Markets Australia

The markets are in for a big surprise as they do not seem to grasp just how determined the US Federal Reserve is to increase interest rates, says Saxo Chief Economist Steen Jacobsen. He looks at what to expect as the Fed embarks on its first rate hiking cycle in... Show More

Satyajit Das, the former economist turned consultant to Central Bankers says we better get used to a world with low growth. “Since the 1980’s growth has been driven by debt an financialisation. If you look at the growth in debt since the early 1990’s to 2008, only 15% of it... Show More

Livewire News

Disappointing payrolls data from the US, weak commodity prices and another downbeat set of business surveys have fuelled fears that global growth is collapsing. However, we continue to think these worries are overdone. While some key emerging economies are in recession and Japan is struggling, the US is still expanding... Show More