global small caps

Bill Pridham

There are only 31 listed companies in the world with a market cap of over US$200B, and some of them are covered by 50+ analysts. Meanwhile, there are over 8,000 companies in the small-mid universe, some with little to no coverage. As we pointed out in the recent Ellerston roadshow,... Show More

Adrian Martuccio

Global small and mid-cap companies (SMID) can complement and diversify existing exposure to mega and large-cap companies, as well as reduce exposure to potential crowding-risk related to heightened passive flows. Below we highlight key characteristics of the asset class, and illustrate our selection process using two company examples. Show More

Livewire Exclusive

For professional investors, mistakes are not a rare occurrence. Common wisdom holds that if you get six out of 10 correct, you’re doing pretty well. The key is learning from your mistakes, so you can avoid repeating them. Edward Rosenfeld, Portfolio Manager at the Lazard Global Small Caps Fund, says... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

With around 8,000 small caps to choose from around the globe, narrowing down that universe is a key part of successfully investing in this area. Edward Rosenfeld, Portfolio Manager at the Lazard Global Small Cap Fund, says there are four essential elements that they consider when assessing a potential investment.... Show More