HFA Holdings

Clime Asset Management

It’s often said that Australians are a nation of travellers. One could stretch to almost any corner of the globe and stumble across an Aussie. Given the increasingly global context of business and economics, we would suggest that the intrepid nature present in individual Australian travellers is increasingly prevalent in... Show More

Goldman Sachs says a combination of yield + growth (industrial yield) has significantly outperformed a pure high yield strategy in the past 15 years. We ask three fund managers what’s one stock in your universe that best fits the bill of yield + growth and why will it continue to... Show More

Pengana Capital

"Having watched the US$8.6 billion global funds management business of HFA Limited (ASX:HFA) for many years we have always held the company in high regard with its quality management, long term performance track record and sticky loyal investors but with only anaemic fund inflows we have waited on the sidelines.... Show More