high frequency trading

Clime Asset Management

Last week, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) published its review of HFT (REP 452: Review of high-frequency trading and dark liquidity). As computer-based trading dominates trading activities in our market, it makes a timely and important review by the Commission. While it concluded that HFT activity is not... Show More

Clime Asset Management

Australia should tax speculation. The Federal Government is determined to slash expenditure and introduce a deficit levy, which could hit economic growth, yet ignores a tax on speculation. Why? The tax would also help address Australia's so-called budget crisis. A mere 0.2% duty on all ASX transactions would raise $2 billion... Show More

Fuller Treacy Money

High-Frequency Front Running. Veteran subscribers are very familiar with the debate concerning high-frequency trading (HFT) because Fuller-Treacy Money has been posting articles on the subject and writing about it throughout the last five years, as the historic Archive will confirm. Michael Lewis and others who have expressed criticisms of HFT... Show More

James Marlay

Thomson Reuters will stop providing high speed traders with early access to Consumer Sentiment information at least for the time being. It looks like increased media coverage and interrogation has put the spotlight on Thomson's and the sale of data to high speed traders ahead of the rest of the... Show More