CBA hybrid looks cheap

Christopher Joye

Today I write that it's not often you come across a major bank hybrid that is genuinely cheap, which CBA’s new Perls XI preferred equity security (ASX: CBAPH) undeniably is given an expected maturity (or “call” date) of 5.36 years (click on that link to read the full column or... Show More

Valuing NABHA

Christopher Joye

I've written a column summarising our valuation views on NABHA, which are excerpted below (click on that link to read the full column or AFR subs can click here). We look at scenarios where NABHA remains perpetual and others where it is called with both converging around the $85 mark.... Show More

Westpac's Landmark Hybrid Impresses

Christopher Joye

In the AFR I argue that Westpac's landmark US$1.25 billion hybrid issued into the US market this week, which was initially 11x oversubscribed, will reduce the bank's need to issue future hybrids on the ASX and thereby choke domestic supply. This 10 year hybrid was also priced at a credit... Show More