Robbing Granny in the name of Paul

Dr Don Hamson

When I was first asked to comment about the ALP’s proposed scrapping of franking credit refunds my response was I was “flabbergasted”. “Flabbergasted” that the party whose Treasurer Paul Keating created franking credits would cut those benefits accruing to retired workers, “flabbergasted” that the Leader of ALP Opposition who earns... Show More

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How to spot a sustainable dividend

Dermot Ryan

On average, companies in the top 10 per cent of expected dividend yield deliver negative earnings growth, negative dividend growth and underperform the market over time, our analysis suggests. To find the companies with genuinely sustainable dividends, you need to dig much deeper than these simple historical measures. Show More

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Taking the headache out of Hybrids


If you already own Hybrids you’ll be familiar with some of their benefits: attractive yields, access to franking credits and lower volatility relative to equities. However, as terms and conditions differ from security to security, Hybrids can be a complex and admin intensive asset class for investors. Show More

Myth Busting: Global shares can’t deliver attractive income

Livewire Exclusive

We often hear the benefits of investing offshore, however, accessing attractive dividends is rarely given as one of them. Analysis from the team at Plato Investment Management has identified over 700 companies not listed on the ASX that deliver a yield of 4% or above. Dr Don Hamson, Managing Director... Show More

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Rio buy-back looks attractive, but beware the scale-back

Dr Don Hamson

On 22 September 2017, Rio announced a A$2.5B share buy-back which includes A$700M as an off-market buyback and the balance being allocated to Rio Tinto’s existing on-market buyback. Show More

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Wilson and Aitken dissect Telstra

Buy Hold Sell

There was a time when Telstra was a staple of almost every Australian investor’s portfolio. Stable earnings and a big fully-franked yield meant that it never had problems attracting buyers. Things are different now. After cutting its dividend in August, Telstra is now down >30% year to date. Show More

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5 great charts on investing for income (or cash flow)

Shane Oliver

The low interest rates of recent times along with periodic turmoil in investment markets has provided us with a reminder of the importance of the income (cash) flow or yield an investment provides. It’s particularly important for those relying on investment income to fund their living expenses. As with all... Show More

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The yield trap of 2017

Daniel Mueller

Want to know the biggest yield trap of 2017? Each year there are dividend plays that turn out to be yield traps. In 2012, it was QBE. During 2012 to 2014, we saw several consumer stocks turn out to be yield traps including Seven West Media, David Jones and Myer.... Show More

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Telstra: Dog or darling?

Livewire Exclusive

The old saying goes; ‘there are two sides to every trade’, but in the case of Telstra, we have three. In this second part of our equity income series, we take a close look at Telstra following the announcement of the upcoming dividend cut, and the associated share price fall. Show More

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A Small Cap That Pays You To Wait

Ron Shamgar

One of our largest holdings in the TBF Small Cap Value Growth Fund is a company with a market cap of $170M that reported a profit of $27M in CY2016 and paid a dividend of $18M. The business does not have a lot of debt on the balance sheet and... Show More

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A change in the trend?

Vimal Gor

Just as the markets had convinced themselves they were in for an uneventful carryharvesting summer, something started to change at the end of the month, with central bank communication seemingly dominating economic data with respect to their impact on market moves. Whilst the theme of disinflation continued to play out... Show More

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3 high yielding opportunities

James Gerrish

Later today Market Matters will launch a new weekly income report with an associated income portfolio. Today I want to take you through three income opportunities that we’ve identified in today’s market. I provide a summary on each opportunity and an overview of the valuation. Show More

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Spectrum Insights - The capital adequacy fallacy

Damien Wood

The recent collapse of a Spanish bank, two Italian banks, and a missed payment on tier one notes from a German bank reinforced some core beliefs for investing in bank capital. These are:- Show More

The Best Bond?

Damien Wood

The argument usually comes down to Connery or Craig. Both highly popular James Bonds brought different styles to the big screen. The “best” 007 actor, though, maybe more a case of which one best suited the social environment of the time. For investors, the best bond, similarly, largely depends on... Show More

A new income option for Australian SMSFs and Retirees

Dr Don Hamson

Plato Income Maximiser Limited (ASX:PL8), a new Australian shares Listed Investment Company (LIC) with a high-income focus, has just launched. Show More

Is the yield trade really over?

Livewire Exclusive

Over the past 12-months, the 3-year Australian Government Bond has risen just 21 basis points from ~1.8% a year ago, to 2.01% now. For an average retiree with an account balance of $200,000, this equates to an additional $420 of income per year. Show More

Where are the best prospects for dividends?

Livewire Exclusive

Dr Don Hamson, Managing Director of Plato Investment Management, says the best prospects for dividends now sit with Australia’s big iron ore miners. From a highly uncertain outlook just one year ago Hamson now says companies like RIO, BHP and Fortescue present dividend investors with a compelling outlook. Significant cost... Show More

3 ‘Cheap’ Income Stocks

James Gerrish

We’ve written that the ‘yield trade’ will struggle in 2017 and we still think that will be a case. However, sentiment will ebb and flow, and we need to be looking in places that might not have been on the radar in the last few years and are therefore still... Show More

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Banks profits – Goldilocks

Damien Wood

Some politicians are bleating Australian bank profits are too high. Some financial commentators are fretting saying they are heading too low. At Spectrum we see bank profits from a credit viewpoint as about just right. Often lost in the commentary is perspective. When benchmarking Australian bank profitability against government bond... Show More

Finding sustainable income in an investment world turned upside down

Nikko Asset Management Australia

Investment markets are currently being challenged by low global economic growth and distorted by monetary policy targeting historically low and (increasingly) negative interest rates. This has led to a reversal of expected norms, as investors have turned to stocks for income, while bonds have been a significant source of capital... Show More

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