Christopher Joye

In the latest Compexity Premia podcast we cover recent Livewire articles and: debate whether the RBA is going to blow the housing bubble back up with interest rate cuts; discuss new RBA research that blames the central bank for the rapid house price growth between 2012-2017 (contrary to what the... Show More

Asset Allocation
Livewire Exclusive

Chris Watling from London-based Longview Economics has been a vocal bear for some time and recently called for an Australian recession. The real question now though is what can investors do with this information? We asked him and his responses were quite surprising. Chris, who also argues that the Fed... Show More

Chris Rands

The Australian economy performed well during 2018 with rising GDP, lower unemployment and stable inflation. Despite this, the outlook for 2019 is not as positive, as a number of factors are beginning to point to downside in the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) achieving their policy mandate including low inflation,... Show More

Chris Rands

In part one of this deep-dive, we analysed the economic impact a demographic headwind can have using Japan as a case in point. In part two, we looked at how an ageing population can impact government debt. To conclude this series, we discuss the impact demographics may have on inflation,... Show More