Fixed Income
Clive Smith

Central bank policy within the developed world has been marked over the past decade by a systematic failure to achieve pre-set inflation targets. In response central banks globally are reviewing the way they approach the setting of monetary policy. Over the longer term this change in behaviour further clouds the... Show More

Shane Oliver

Surprisingly weak Australian inflation has led to expectations the Reserve Bank will soon cut rates. But what’s driving low inflation? Is it really that bad? Why not just lower the inflation target? Will rate cuts help? And what does it mean for investors? Inflation surprises on the downside again Australian inflation as... Show More

Christopher Joye

In the latest Compexity Premia podcast we cover recent Livewire articles and: debate whether the RBA is going to blow the housing bubble back up with interest rate cuts; discuss new RBA research that blames the central bank for the rapid house price growth between 2012-2017 (contrary to what the... Show More

Chris Rands

The Australian economy performed well during 2018 with rising GDP, lower unemployment and stable inflation. Despite this, the outlook for 2019 is not as positive, as a number of factors are beginning to point to downside in the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) achieving their policy mandate including low inflation,... Show More