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PM Capital tackles a big issue with Listed Investment Companies

PM Capital

The arguments for using Listed Investment Companies (LICs) are numerous and the burgeoning LIC offering on the ASX means investors now have more choice than ever. One of the biggest frustrations for many investors is the fact that LICs will often trade at a discount to their Net Tangible Assets... Show More

Amazon vs. Dollar General

Pengana Capital

The assumption that Amazon would sweep away all retailers that stand before it resulted in many US retailers being sold down. This hysteria created some interesting opportunities in the retail segment, one of which is Dollar General. Show More

Timing a Plunge With Managed Funds

Steve Johnson

My advice has been consistent over the years: get your portfolio allocation right and let us worry about the timing. It’s fair to say it’s a piece of advice widely ignored. Show More

What is Thematic Investing and Should You Care?

Jade Ong

You can be a savvy investor without living and breathing the stock market thanks to a brilliant concept called thematic investing. This might sound overly simplistic but all it takes is an understanding of the world around you – how it’s changing, where it’s going and who is leading the... Show More

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You'd have to pay me not to own this stock

Pengana Capital

You're probably familiar with online platforms such as Investopedia, and the video streaming platform VImeo. You've also probably heard of popular dating sites such as Tinder. But did you know they were all owned by one NASDAQ listed parent company? Show More

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6 core ingredients for the perfect investment

Pengana Capital

When it comes to investing in today’s market, a strong underlying foundation is vital to forming the core of success. Steven Glass, from the Pengana International Equities Fund provides his 6-point checklist that separates the good from the bad, allowing him to invest with confidence in an overly noisy environment. Show More

Technicals - S&P500 (2169) - potential for a technical sell signal to be generated

Angela Mangan

The S&P500 index has the potential to generate a technical top formation / technical sell signal, and is located marginally above key technical support. A close below 2168 is required to generate a technical sell signal. (Although the index spiked below this level during intra-session trading on Friday night, it... Show More

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Antipodes IPO: Global exposure with less risk

Jacob Mitchell

The initial public offering for Antipodes Global Investment Company Limited (ASX:APL) opens today. The LIC provides investors with access to an actively managed global equities portfolio in the convenience of an ASX listed vehicle. The portfolio will be predominantly comprised of long and short positions in international listed securities and... Show More

What the experts have been buying & selling

Livewire Exclusive

A lot has changed in markets this year; commodity prices have rallied, the big banks’ share prices have all fallen > 10%, Britain has voted to leave the EU, the Chinese Yuan has fallen in value, and political uncertainty has increased around the developed world. Changes in market conditions usually... Show More

A unique asset that’s materially undervalued

Watermark Funds Management

Digital disruption has been, and will continue to be one of the major themes of the 21st century. Across a raft of industries, traditional business models are being superseded by digital platforms such as Facebook and Amazon. Music streaming is a new front in which behemoths such Apple and Google... Show More

Brexit: Implications & Opportunities

Clime Asset Management

The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union has sparked the next major wave of financial market uncertainty. Post the ‘Leave’ campaign’s victory on Friday, the All Ordinaries plunged 166 points or 3%. Show More

International equity exposure remains essential

Clime Asset Management

Over the past few weeks, Clime has presented its rationale for local investors to maintain portfolio exposure in major international companies. Show More

Egaming...the new content, the new King

K2 Asset Management

A structural growth area that has been gathering momentum in recent years is egaming (electronic gaming). Gaming has evolved from traditional arcade-style and console gaming to mobile applications across 4G networks. Technological advancement and high speed internet has allowed gamers to connect to online platforms and compete with other users... Show More

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Access Perpetual’s “best ideas” Global Share Fund

Perpetual Limited

Perpetual’s Global Equities team are “true to label” value stock pickers. They use a tried-and-tested methodology, developed at Perpetual over 45 years, to uncover companies with the greatest long-term potential. Garry Laurence, Portfolio Manager, says “To get the best performance we speak with more than a thousand companies annually. We... Show More

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‘Under Siege’ – more downside for global equities

Livewire News

Global bourses have been on a roller coaster ride this year. In order for stock prices to hit a durable floor, the Fed has to back off from its tightening bias, thereby triggering a reversal in U.S. dollar strength… Meanwhile, U.S. economic recession risk has ratcheted higher despite declining oil... Show More

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International Investment - End of the Golden Ride?

Marcus Padley

There has been a huge trade over the last three years for Australian retirees buying unhedged international, particularly US equity market exposure, and taking advantage of the fall in the Aussie dollar and the rise in international equities. But I was reading a Listed Investment Company (LIC) report this week... Show More

Survey Results: How did the Livewire community predictions perform in 2015?

James Marlay

This time last year we ran a short survey with the Livewire audience to find out their predictions on interest rates, the AUD as well as the best and worst performing asset classes for the year ahead. With CY15 rapidly coming to an end it is time to check the... Show More

Debunking The 5 Great Myths Of Investing Internationally

Kent Kwan

Are you considering investing internationally in 2016? Do you worry that investing internationally is too hard or too risky? In this post we debunk 5 popular myths of investing internationally. #1 - It is too risky. #2 - Don't know enough about international companies. #3 - Too hard and expensive... Show More

Getting comfortable with the Fed

David Bassanese

After some jitters in August and September, global markets appear to be getting comfortable with the prospect of Fed tightening by year-end. In terms of asset allocation, history suggests a cautious neutral stance at best in international equities, as does the fact price-to-earnings valuations remain relatively stretched. To read the... Show More

Shane Oliver: How would you invest $1 million today?

Livewire Exclusive

Dr Shane Oliver spends much of his time making sense of the macro economic environment and sharing his views on how investors might think about asset allocation. To put his mind to work we asked Shane to talk us through how he would invest $1 million today. Oliver says that... Show More