international equities

Steven Glass

India’s richest man disrupted the Indian telecom market two years ago when his company, Reliance Jio, began offering free voice and data services to everyone for an initial three-month period. This offer was subsequently extended by another three months and Reliance Jio has since been offering the cheapest data plans... Show More

PM Capital

The arguments for using Listed Investment Companies (LICs) are numerous and the burgeoning LIC offering on the ASX means investors now have more choice than ever. One of the biggest frustrations for many investors is the fact that LICs will often trade at a discount to their Net Tangible Assets... Show More

Jacob Mitchell

The initial public offering for Antipodes Global Investment Company Limited (ASX:APL) opens today. The LIC provides investors with access to an actively managed global equities portfolio in the convenience of an ASX listed vehicle. The portfolio will be predominantly comprised of long and short positions in international listed securities and... Show More

Mark Newman

A structural growth area that has been gathering momentum in recent years is egaming (electronic gaming). Gaming has evolved from traditional arcade-style and console gaming to mobile applications across 4G networks. Technological advancement and high speed internet has allowed gamers to connect to online platforms and compete with other users... Show More

Perpetual Equity Investment Company

Perpetual’s Global Equities team are “true to label” value stock pickers. They use a tried-and-tested methodology, developed at Perpetual over 45 years, to uncover companies with the greatest long-term potential. Garry Laurence, Portfolio Manager, says “To get the best performance we speak with more than a thousand companies annually. We... Show More

Marcus Padley

There has been a huge trade over the last three years for Australian retirees buying unhedged international, particularly US equity market exposure, and taking advantage of the fall in the Aussie dollar and the rise in international equities. But I was reading a Listed Investment Company (LIC) report this week... Show More