Harley Grosser

Last year I formed the view that there were opportunities in oil stocks. A handful of oil producers lagged the oil price as equity investors doubted the sustainability of the rebound. But a number of factors suggest that oil, while the price will of course be volatile, is now well... Show More

Antipodes Partners

Electricity generation in Europe is undergoing a major transformation. Many investors think that the “new world” (i.e. renewables, batteries and smart grids) is going to wipe out the “old world” (i.e. centralised baseload generated from nuclear and fossil fuels). Whilst we do accept that there will be a transition we... Show More

Livewire News

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, International Business Editor of the Telegraph says “The US has exported its first shipment of natural gas in a historic move that shifts the balance of power in the global energy market and kicks off a struggle with Russia for market share. Surging US supply over the next... Show More

Intelligent Investor

Why BHP wants to change LNG pricing. They did it with coal and with iron ore. Now the world's largest miner, BHP Billiton, wants to change the way LNG is priced. The head of BHP's marketing division says he favours a system where LNG trades on its own fundamentals rather... Show More

John Robertson

Liquefied Natural Gas (ASX:LNG) is being added to the S&P/ASX 200 this month with the implicit recommendation that it should be bought for the nation's most risk averse investors. The company has three development sites and $50 million in the bank but no sales, profits or even commercial contracts committing... Show More

John Robertson

The latest PortfolioDirect investment report contains reviews of Lion Energy, Zeta Petroleum, Orca Energy and Liquefied Natural Gas. The overall rating for each stock is based on an assessment of market and milestone risk factors displayed by the company. The four stocks cover a wide range of geographic exposures -... Show More

Matt Felsman

Is this the best growth company on the ASX? Releasing from a trading halt this morning expect a big day! Liquefied Natural Gas Limited (ASX: LNG) were suspended Tuesday before the start of trading. Rising from a low of 25.5 cents in late January to the last traded price of... Show More

Amelia Bott

Woodside's weak growth pipeline highlights stock's overvaluation. Woodside recently exited the Leviathan joint venture, which demonstrated the company's commitment to not overpaying for deals but also its lack of near-term growth options. The resulting high dividend payout ratio retards intrinsic value growth. WPL is exploring for new resources but the... Show More

John Robertson

KGL Resources (KGL), Alliance Resources (AGS), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Reward Minerals (RWD) have been reviewed and rated in the latest weekly PortfolioDirect/resources investment report. Liquefied Natural Gas is strongly differentiated from others in the sector. It is seeking to construct an LNG plant in Louisiana where the company's... Show More