Shane Oliver

Much has been made of Australia’s nearly 28 years without a recession. Despite many seeing recession as inevitable in response to the 1997 Asian crisis, the 2000-2003 tech wreck, the GFC and the “end” of the mining boom Australia has seemingly sailed on through each of these regardless. This has... Show More

Buy Hold Sell

There’s no shortage of big-picture issues playing on investors' nerves right now. Macro and geopolitical forces have a firm grip on sentiment, and 2018 will be recorded as the year that delivered the highest percentage of negative returns across asset classes. For the third and final video in our 2019 Outlook... Show More

Mark Burgess

In a panel discussion at Livewire Live in 2016, which you can see here, I described my worst fear at that moment: the danger of a trade war. In this wire, I revisit my thesis and ask what it means for investors. Show More

Geoff Wood

In our office, we have switched from Secret Santa to Bad Santa. In Bad Santa, each member of the office draws a number from a hat. The lowest number then starts by picking and opening a present from a pile of wrapped presents. The next lowest number has the choice... Show More

Dane Roberts

As another year draws to a close, Australia looks forward to the arrival of summer, a much-needed break with family and ideally an Xmas rally. For investors who have weathered a particularly challenging last few months, thoughts will also turn to where the opportunities might be found in the year... Show More

Expert Insights

The Fed has hiked 3 times this year and plans another four hikes by the end of next year. Their collective impact is still ‘in the post’ as hikes take time to bite. When we asked Charlie Jamieson, CIO at Jamieson Coote Bonds what he expects, he gave a sobering... Show More

Fund Manager Q&A

Last week the Bank of England put top executives at banks and insurers on high alert to vastly improve their planning for the long-term risks of climate change. The FT reports that several big banks have announced plans to reassesses their lending to high carbon-intensity projects, while promising to promote... Show More

Michael Wayne

Overnight falls of 3.2% for the DOW (3.30% for S&P, 4.40% NASDAQ) are reminiscent of January-February 2018, and just like then it feels very unpleasant. However as always perspective is required when trying to ascertain whether this is a transitionary correction or the start of something more sinister. Show More