Avoiding the losers from self-driving cars

Patrick Poke

At their recent adviser briefing, Magellan CEO, Hamish Douglass, had cars on his mind. Specifically, driverless cars, and what they mean for investors. While many investors focus on the potential upside in companies like Uber and Tesla, Douglass’ focus on capital preservation means he was more interested in the flow-on... Show More

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What’s on Hamish Douglass’ mind?

Patrick Poke

On Tuesday night, I attended the Magellan Investor Gala Dinner at the MCEC. Magellan CEO/CIO, Hamish Douglass, held the 2000-strong audience’s attention for a solid two hours, discussing the big issues on his mind for both the short-term and the long-term. The talk was wide-ranging, but the main focuses of... Show More

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Magellan's view on Apple

Magellan Asset Management

Apple enjoys strong brand recognition globally and extensive market penetration for its flagship products, most notably the iPhone. We estimate that iPhone and iPhone-related services represented around 70% of Apple’s revenue and 80% of Apple’s gross margin in FY15. Despite its relatively high price, there is strong demand for the... Show More

Paypal to benefit from shift to electronic payments

Magellan Asset Management

PayPal is the leading global digital wallet and a leader in mobile and ecommerce payments. It operates a proprietary global technology platform that connects merchants and consumers around the world. PayPal has approximately 173 million active customer accounts. Last year, it processed over $235 billion of payments in nearly 4... Show More

Beware of Quantitative Tightening

Magellan Asset Management

In our view, the current risk pricing environment for high-quality assets is quite extraordinary in a historical context. Pricing for sovereign credit, high quality corporate and financial credit and other high-quality defensive assets is at, or near, record highs at present. The pricing of high-quality assets reflects the prevailing environment... Show More

Hamish Douglass: Warning signals for investors

Livewire News

Hamish Douglass: Warning signals for investors. In the last week, we have increased the cash weighting in our Global Equity Strategy to approximately 10%. The last time we materially increased our cash weighting in the Strategy was at the commencement of the European sovereign debt crisis in early 2010. We... Show More

Hamish Douglass (Magellan) expresses extreme skepticism that the Eurozone is on the verge of a meaningful and sustained recovery

James Marlay

Hamish Douglass (Magellan) expresses extreme skepticism that the Eurozone is on the verge of a meaningful and sustained recovery. These are some of the inhibiting factors The Eurozone banking system remains under-capitalised. In the absence of Government-led recapitalisations, the most realistic way to recapitalise banks is via further balance sheet... Show More