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In Focus: Munro Partners

Nick Griffin

Munro Partners is an absolute return manager with a core focus on global growth equities. We target meaningful returns after all fees, and utilising our proprietary investment process we’ve managed to achieve that for 12 years. Since its launch in August 2016, our Munro Global Growth Fund has delivered a... Show More

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What to own if the market closed for five years

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Five years is a long time in financial markets. Five years ago, the ASX 200 was just hitting 5,000 points for the first time since Lehman’s collapse, US stocks were being “whipsawed” by instability concerns in Italy, and Dick Smith Electronics was getting ready to debut on the ASX. Show More

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Turning bad odds in your favour

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Drawdowns are an inevitable part of investing; even Berkshire Hathaway fell by more than 50% during the GFC. As growth investors, Nick Griffin from Munro Partners, says that it’s important to protect yourself both against stock specific risks, and market risks. Here, he explains their approach. Show More

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The one Australian stock that makes our grade

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An incredible 28 billion litres of spirits are consumed around the world each year. Of this, a mere 22% is produced by recognised distillers; the vast majority is made up by the Chinese spirit baijiu, local products, and moonshine. Show More

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Who will win from these 3 powerful themes?

Nick Griffin

Corporates are now spending heavily on digital transformation, not just for growth, but for their very survival. This creates a tailwind for providers of cloud computing, data analytics, and AI. Here we look at the winners from this theme, as well as the winners from two other powerful themes for... Show More

Livewire Christmas Cracker #9: Three thematics to get a boost in 2018

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In our new 'Christmas Cracker' series, each morning through to Christmas we will bring you a top insight from one of our contributors. These will be diverse and could be a macro call, sector view, stock idea, or even some useful tech. Today’s insight is by Nick Griffin from Munro... Show More

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Taking advantage of changing consumer preferences

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Food is one of the few products that consumers will happily pay up for. Nick Griffin, Chief Investment Officer at Munro Partners, says the best way to play this is via the ingredients companies controlling the food supply. In this short video, he explains why this thematic is so attractive. Show More

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