Calima - major progress in the highly prospective Montney

Mark Gordon

With a fully permitted three well drilling programme expected to commence in December this year, Calima is set to realise significant value from its 100% held liquids rich acreage in the Montney Formation of British Columbia. Calima has made considerable progress since our October 2017 initiation report, and we have... Show More

Investing in Asia in FY19: 5 Key Considerations

Dr. Mary Manning

Asian markets performed well in the last year. The MSCI Asia ex-Japan Index (AUD) is up 14% in FY18, outperforming the ASX 200 by approximately 5%. Looking forward to FY19, there are 5 critical questions that will determine the path of equity markets in Asia: Show More

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The New Criterion: two different approaches to oil and gas extraction

Tim Boreham

Leigh Creek management must be feeling like Fortescue Metals founder Andrew Forrest on opening his Cloudbreak mine, after an analyst earlier opined he would safely lie on the railway track to the site because the mine would never be built. Show More

oil gas small caps ASX:ELK ASX:LCK

Ben Griffiths: High conviction small cap investing

Livewire Exclusive

In March 2017 Ben Griffiths found himself in a deeply uncomfortable position. For the first time since inception 15 years ago his small cap portfolio was badly lagging the benchmark. Sentiment had violently swung against his stocks and Griffiths was facing a tough decision – hold the current course or... Show More

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A looming shortage in an essential commodity

Steve Johnson

We’ve been making our case on Livewire for investing in oil-related stocks since 2015. It’s been an arduous journey that dates back to 2013, but with the recent oil price strength, Livewire got in touch to get our updated thoughts on the sector. Show More

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Value still exists in Shell, despite threat of EVs

Peter Wilmshurst

Royal Dutch Shell’s valuations make its stock look very tempting despite concerns over electric cars taking over. Show More

Be careful what you wish for

Tom Stevenson

When, a couple of years ago, Saudi Arabia was twisting the arms of Russia and 22 other oil producing countries to stem the flow of crude, the oil price was already off its low of less than $30 a barrel. But at around $50 in late 2016, it still represented... Show More

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Chart Of The Week: US Crude Oil Flows

Callum Thomas

This week it's US crude oil flows. Specifically, what we've got here is an interesting juxtaposition of crude oil imports and crude oil production for America. The chart is interesting due to the perspective it provides on US oil supplies: for much of recorded history the US got the majority... Show More

oil commodities crude oil energy sector MLP

Shale to the Chief: Can US shale oil keep up the growth?

Stefan Hansen

We recently visited the key US oil regions to speak with domestic and international oil producers, and oil field service providers. The aim being to gauge the growth potential of crude production, particularly from the major US shale plays, where supply growth has been a key contributor to investor concerns... Show More

oil crude oil shale Nikko Asset Management.

Like buying oil at $20 a barrel

Michael Goldberg

Uranium stocks have been quietly gaining in recent months, however, we expect materially more from the sector as it continues to rationalise in the medium-term. To put the current price of uranium into terms more familiar: we believe it is trading at the equivalent of oil at US$20 per barrel. Show More

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MMA Rides the Offshore Oil Recovery

Alex Shevelev

The September 2017 quarterly report spelled out a renewed bullish message from the International Fund team: the oil price is headed higher. The Australian Fund has not had as many oil exposed stocks to choose from, but we have recently added to the Fund’s oil exposure. It’s an asset heavy... Show More

oil crude oil oil and gas ASX:MRM

Outlook 2018: Aussie equities - positioning for the economic upswing

Paradice Investment Management

After years of incredibly easy monetary policy globally we are finally amid a synchronised global economic recovery the likes of which we have not seen in over a decade. Show More

Betting against the crowd on oil

Livewire Exclusive

Electric vehicles displacing the requirement for oil is a popular market narrative, but Simon Mawhinney, Chief Investment Officer at Allan Gray, says this misses half the picture. While demand growth is expected to be lower as EV penetration increases, supply is also under pressure following years of underinvestment. Show More

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The Future of Money: Bitcoin, Dollars or Gold?

Jordan Eliseo

Type “Bitcoin is a Bubble” into Google and you’ll get 31,800,000 results, a clear indication of how many times people have, incorrectly so far, called a top in the price of the worlds most famous cryptocurrency. Show More

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How we are playing Santos  

Romano Sala Tenna

The chronology of events this past 24 hours is rather curious and provides somewhat of a conundrum as to how to play the current machinations. Santos has stated today that on the 14th of August the company received a confidential, non-binding, conditional and indicative proposal to acquire all the shares... Show More

m&a oil santos ASX:STO

Just how did BHP get it so wrong?

Sam Dyson

Mining 101: a good mining company makes money at the low end of a steep cost-curve. This is BHP’s strategy and it is working wonders in iron ore. However, in 2011 BHP forgot this simple rule. Deal hungry and with cash flow burning a hole in the pocket after two... Show More

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Robust Commodity Outlook

Gavin Wendt

Given recent headlines and speculation with respect to commodity prices, I thought it worthwhile to outline my views on the near-term picture. Overall, I remain very optimistic with respect to prices and demand. In particular, recent positive Chinese commodity demand data and outcomes from the recent Chinese Communist Party Congress,... Show More

The Looming Oil Shortage

Steve Johnson

Four long and mostly painful years. That’s how we feel when reflecting on for Forager’s investments in the oil slick. There have been a couple of successes, one disaster and an inordinate amount of volatility. Show More

oil forager funds

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Resource Sector Momentum Building

Gavin Wendt

Commodity prices have defied pessimism and rallied solidly over recent months on the back of improved Chinese economic prospects, stability on the European political front, some degree of acclimatisation to Trump-related government volatility in the USA - and a weaker US dollar. Show More

Woodside Petroleum Half Year Result: WPL lift in profit & lower costs help to boost dividend


West Australian based energy firm, Woodside Petroleum’s (WPL) half year results were largely in line with expectations. Investors were happy to see the first half dividend coming in higher than expected. Show More