Matthew Haupt

2018 has proven to be a tumultuous year for the Australian equity market. Key themes driving the market’s decline and heightened volatility have included the increase in government regulations, escalation in trade wars and attempts to control the global oil surplus. In the short to medium-term we expect volatility will increase... Show More

Hugh Dive

Over the past six months, there have been numerous headlines around rising energy prices and their impact both on curbing global growth and in cutting domestic consumption as the costs of transporting people and goods around Australia were rising sharply. However, instead of climbing as expected, the oil price has... Show More

Investment Theme

With a 38% increase, energy was the best performing sector on the ASX last financial year. In this short video, Stephane Andre, Principal at Alphinity Investment Management, outlines the fundamentals behind the strong oil price, and which two energy companies his fund continues to hold. Key points The oil market... Show More

Mary Manning

Asian markets performed well in the last year. The MSCI Asia ex-Japan Index (AUD) is up 14% in FY18, outperforming the ASX 200 by approximately 5%. Looking forward to FY19, there are 5 critical questions that will determine the path of equity markets in Asia: Show More

Steve Johnson

We’ve been making our case on Livewire for investing in oil-related stocks since 2015. It’s been an arduous journey that dates back to 2013, but with the recent oil price strength, Livewire got in touch to get our updated thoughts on the sector. Show More