oz sentiment

David Scutt

Almost everyone seems to bullish short-term. VIX backs this up which suggests there's a fair bit of investor apathy out there at present. Yes, Q4 has the highest winning percentage and average gain for the ASX 200, but it's hard to see further gains from here in the short-term. In... Show More

Ann Ritchie

Being now out of the industry and only having to look after my own shares, I think the market is looking fully valued, apart perhaps from resources and mining services. However, I think the market will go higher short-term based on an improving global economy. Medium term I am bullish. Show More

Deryn Knott

Short term view on valuation grounds. Bullish consumer, bulk resources, industrials, insurance, Neutral banks, healthcare, telco, IT, energy, gold. Bearish property trusts. Long term on structual themes - Bullish banks (GDP+ growth), insurance (rising rates), IT (becoming a business staple), healthcare (aging population), consumer (improving confidence), industrials (economic recovery), telco... Show More