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Predicting the future - for dummies

Marcus Padley

There was an article on the Livewire website this week quoting a recent Kerr Neilson presentation, the billionaire fund manager at Platinum Asset Management. There were lots of good takeaways but the comment that interested me was this quote: Show More

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Executive Series: Platinum Asset Management (PTM) CIO, Andrew Clifford:


In this short video we discuss the key elements that define PTM’s investment philosophy and PTM’s expertise in understanding the factors contributing to Chinese economic activity. Show More

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China sharpening their FANG's

Platinum Asset Management

Plenty of attention has been given to ‘FANG’ stocks (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google), but it’s the Chinese analogues, Tencent and Ali Baba, that are more interesting to Clay Smolinski, Portfolio Manager at Platinum Asset Management. Show More

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Platinum's innovative new products now live

Platinum Asset Management

Platinum Asset Management’s new Quoted Managed Funds began trading on the ASX yesterday. The Platinum International Fund - Quoted Managed Fund (ASX:PIXX) and the Platinum Asia Fund - Quoted Managed Fund (ASX:PAXX) will be structured as feeder funds into Platinum’s two flagship unlisted funds, the Platinum International Funds (PIF) and... Show More

Platinum: The End (from us)

Chad Slater

Well that escalated quickly. Whilst we always knew that publishing the names of our short positions would likely attract more attention (for better or worse), the narrative on the Platinum (PTM) leg of the MFG/PTM pair moved quicker than we expected. The last 3 weeks provide evidence to our assertion... Show More

Platinum Asset Management: Wrong Time, Wrong Place

Chad Slater

Morphic was "outed" over the weekend by the AFR who called us to ask about our disclosed short position in Platinum Asset Management, which they had come across in our disclosed holdings. A lot of funds don't disclose to the market their short positions, but we made the decision that... Show More

A bright future for OLED displays

Livewire Equities

Platinum Asset Management says they're "excited about [Samsung's] Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) business... novel designs, are lighter, thinner and more durable compared to glass-based screens. Second generation flexible OLED displays may indeed be flexible for the final user, but there is still some distance to go before the technology... Show More

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Platinum: 3 strategies that work in a low-rate environment

Livewire Equities

Following Andrew Clifford’s macro overview, which showed why rates would be low for a long time, Clay Smolinski, Portfolio Manager at Platinum Asset Management, takes lessons from their experiences investing in Japan to present three strategies that do well in this environment, and one that doesn’t. 1) “Growth – Japanese... Show More

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Platinum: What comes next?

Livewire News

In a presentation to investors Andrew Clifford, Chief Investment Officer at Platinum Asset Management, has outlined his view on the current situation in world markets. He highlights that investors find themselves at the end of a 35 year cycle of falling interest rates. So what comes next? Clifford says that... Show More

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Platinum – oil headed back to $70 per barrel

Livewire Equities

Clay Smolinski, Portfolio Manager at Platinum Asset Management says the medium term outlook for oil should see the commodity trade back towards $70/barrel over the next 18 months. His rationale that prices will move higher revolves around the supply and demand equation tightening. On the supply side Smolinksi says 2015... Show More

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Executive Series - Platinum Asset Management (PTM) CEO & MD, Kerr Neilson


CommSec’s Tom Piotrowski speaks with Platinum Asset Management (PTM) CEO & MD, Kerr Neilson about the recent market volatility and the performance of Platinum Asia Investments Limited (PAI) To view more Executive Series interviews, visit: Show More

Platinum: Is the US a bigger risk than China?

Livewire News

Much has been said about the risks China presents to the world economy, but Kerr Neilson, Portfolio Manager at Platinum Asset Management, sees things differently. “The US is, we argue, the most over-owned, and we have therefore been shorting it as additional protection. This is now returning to us some... Show More

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BTT – Exceptional performance bodes well for FUM inflow

OC Funds Management

During the quarter, we added several new holdings to the portfolio including wealth manager BT Investment Management Group (BTT). BTT was opportunistically added to the portfolio when major shareholder Westpac Group undertook a major sell-down of its holding reducing its stake from 59% to less than 40%. Despite continued strong... Show More

Platinum on the EV/Hybrid vehicle revolution

Livewire News

Platinum's Alexi Barbi writes on the incoming EV/Hybrid vehicle revolution. In an article on the Platinum website he shares his thoughts on 1) the evolution of the technology 2) short and medium term influences on the economics of these vehicles 3) regulation in the US, Europe and China that could... Show More

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One of the biggest investing themes at the moment is stocks that will win from a falling Australian dollar

Clime Asset Management

One of the biggest investing themes at the moment is stocks that will win from a falling Australian dollar. Global equities fund manager Platinum Asset Management, which is run by billionaire investor Kerr Neilson, is one company that will benefit from a weaker dollar. Platinum's funds under management grew solidly... Show More

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Tickets selling fast to annual roadshow

Jason Prowd

Tickets selling fast to annual roadshow. Come along to hear unique insights from Chris Mackay (Magellan) and Kerr Neilson (Platinum) plus our very own Steve Johnson and Nathan Bell. Melbourne 21st Nov and Sydney 26th Nov. Show More

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