Pureprofile Limited (PPL.ASX) Cheap turnaround + is chairman spill setting up corporate play?

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PPL has suffered a 2-year price decline and tore up around ~$40m in value since acquiring the Cohort business. I am more convinced now a turnaround is underway. Why? This is a real business that can benefit following management changes and substantial write-downs. I met with the MD recently, and... Show More

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Pureprofile (PPL.ASX) - Slow start post IPO - an opportunity?

Wentworth Securities

Pureprofile (PPL.ASX) has drifted below its issue price ($0.50) post listing in late July. At today's price ($0.48), PPL is trading with a market cap of roughly 1 times its proforma 2016 revenue (A$28m). With a robust existing "big data" business and a material deal with Newscorp, that has gone... Show More

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Pureprofile underwritten IPO on ASX BookBuild (PPLXBB)


Pureprofile is an innovative online company allowing consumers to earn rewards for sharing insights into their interests and tastes. Pureprofile enables consumers to create and manage their online Profiles. PPL then enriches these Profiles using proprietary big data technology and monetises these Profiles with global brands, publishers and advertisers. The... Show More

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