Chart Of The Week: Loan Officers Give a Green Light for Stocks

Callum Thomas

This week it's the Fed's bank loan officer survey and the S&P500. The US Federal Reserves's loan officer survey provides insight into bank lending standards, and can give an important cross check against the markets. So much so, that you could easily call this chart the bear market warning indicator.... Show More

equities banks s&p500 lending standards credit conditions

If Buffett is Right – its time to shut Livewire Down!

Jordan Eliseo

Long dubbed ‘Woodstock for Capitalists’, or the Stockmarket Superbowl as we prefer, the recently held Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting offered plenty of insights for investors big and small. Show More

gold buffett bitcoin volatility s&p500 ebitda warren buffet

Chart Of The Week: Energy Stocks

Callum Thomas

This week the "Chart of the Week" looks at the energy sector of the S&P500 and specifically how it fits in in terms of market capitalization weight and share of total earnings across the index. Simply put, energy stocks have fallen to the lowest market cap weighting since late 2003... Show More

energy s&p500 crude oil energy sector energy stocks

Bitcoin, Bubbles and Bullion....outlook for 2018

Jordan Eliseo

With a performance that is on track to 20-bag this year, there is little doubt it’s going to be a very Merry Christmas for Bitcoin enthusiasts, many of whom have made truly astonishing gains in 2017. Show More

Is there more in store for investors in 2018?

BT Investment Management

BT Investment Management’s Crispin Murray, Vimal Gor, Peter Davidson and Ashley Pittard provide a summary of the key drivers of investment markets in 2017 and share their thoughts on the prospects for each asset class in 2018. Show More

Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170818

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market recovered to finish a better than expected negative day after substantially weak lead from US market. Global markets were rattled by the terror attacks in Spain while US market was worried that Gary Cohn may follow the CEO walkout from US president’s leadership groups. Global economies are showing... Show More

We think the US bull market could accelerate

Fred Woollard

Despite our many worries about the world, we think it quite probable that the S&P Index has not yet peaked. Indeed, we think that the US market could accelerate its rise. I outline three reasons why, and one way to trade it, below: Show More

s&p500 bull market donald trump

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Stockmarket Euphoriameter rises to a new post-crisis high

Callum Thomas

The Euphoriameter rose again in July, with the combined sentiment reading for the S&P500 lifted by higher forward PE ratios, a falling VIX, and rising levels of bullish sentiment in the surveys. The chart will probably trigger memories or comparisons to the 1990's because aside from the surge coming out... Show More

equities sentiment investor sentiment s&p500 US valuations

Institutional investors are capitulating

Callum Thomas

The latest State Street Investor Confidence Index data for July showed a distinct sense of upside capitulation. The headline global index was up 7.9 points to 108.9 - this was driven purely by North American institutional investors with the North Am index up 10pts to 112.1 which offset declines in... Show More

equities confidence investor sentiment s&p500

The stockmarket season is changing

Callum Thomas

Following on from the popular post on the seasonal turning point for the VIX last week, here's an insight into seasonality for the S&P500. The chart shows 2017 superimposed on the historical average price movement across the year, and it looks like a fairly decent fit, with the implication being... Show More

equities risk s&p500 correction s&p 500 seasonality

Six charts that spell bad news for Australia

Livewire News

This Bloomberg article, ‘Lucky Country getting left behind’, demonstrates the extent to which our market has decoupled the global equity trend, and also the extent of the iron ore slide, the carnage in retail, and the narrowing yield spread. Bets are now increasing for a rate cut… Show More

iron ore equities s&p500 asx200 rates macro ASX:JBH

Technicals - Nasdaq - reason for caution

Angela Mangan

The Nasdaq Composite index is overbought and is located near key resistance of the long-term upward trend channel that originated in 2008. It is now also located at overbought levels on a momentum / RSI basis which is reason for caution relating to the sustainability of the current rally. Show More

nasdaq dow jones s&p500 us equities australian equity market

Risky Business - Calculating the US Equity Risk Premium

Marcus Tuck

Geopolitical concerns, delays to the Trump Administration’s planned fiscal stimulus, and benign US economic and inflation data have made bond markets more relaxed and equity markets more volatile. The US 10-year Treasury bond yield has rallied from a recent peak of just over 2.6% in March to about 2.2% now.... Show More

Technicals - a cluster of global indices have generated sell signals

Angela Mangan

It is a significant negative momentum indicator that over the last two days a number of key global indices have generated technical sell signals in a cluster - Dow Jones, S and P 500, Nikkei, ASX200 index and Toronto TSX60. (There is no potential in the near-term for technical sell... Show More

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An early warning signal for a bear market

Marcus Tuck

One of most reliable early warning indicators of an impending equity bear market is the shape of the US yield curve. When short-term interest rates are higher than long bond yields, it is a sign that monetary policy is tight enough to choke off growth in the economy and company... Show More

Hostages to Fortune: Our scorecard for Jul-Dec 2016

Chad Slater

Each half, we provide a series of “anti-forecasts” for what will NOT happen over this period. Discover whether our July 2016 calls ended up being right. Next week, we will publish our forecasts for the coming six months. http://www.morphicasset.com/blog/scorecard-anti-forecasts-dec-16/?woo_source=Livewire/ Show More

Weekly S&P 500 #ChartStorm - 22 Jan 2017

Callum Thomas

This week's S&P500 #ChartStorm looks at some interesting charts on topics like sector performance and revenues, the prospects for active management, and some important signals for the market outlook. Take a look at the charts and add your thoughts in the comments. Show More

Weekly S&P 500 #ChartStorm - 15 Jan 2017

Callum Thomas

Here's 10 charts on the S&P500 covering the short term outlook, medium term earnings outlook, US election, and political risk. Overall a similar conclusion from last week holds i.e. that short-term there remains some risks, but medium term the outlook is positive on the back of improving earnings. Aside from... Show More

Weekly S&P 500 #ChartStorm - 8 Jan 2017

Callum Thomas

Here goes 10 charts on the S&P500 which evoke both bullish and bearish thoughts. The bearish ones are generally shorter-term in nature while the bullish ones are more medium term... The simplest way to reconcile it is that we could easily see a correction early this year before the market... Show More

Weekly S&P 500 #ChartStorm - 18 Dec 2016

Callum Thomas

Those that follow my personal account on Twitter https://twitter.com/Callum_Thomas will be familiar with my weekly S&P 500 #ChartStorm in which I pick out 10 charts on the S&P 500 to tweet. Typically I'll pick a couple of themes and hammer them home with the charts, but sometimes it's just a... Show More