Fred Woollard

Implied volatility is now trading at record lows across a variety of asset classes, especially in US equities. This means that option markets are priced in the belief that the economic and political outlook in America and the world is as stable as it has been for more than 25... Show More

Saxo Capital Markets Australia

Uncertainty looms over Q3 2016 and beyond, but this isn’t necessarily a negative. If uncertainty is met by reforms and improvements, the present risk events could appear in hindsight as harbingers of positive change. Trading in Q3 will be about navigating the increased volatility, understanding how the social contract will... Show More

A persistent focus on the long-term can ignore more immediate-term opportunities that may exist in the market. Marcus Padley from Marcus Today has created his Trading Portfolio to give some attention to these immediate-term ideas. “One we’re having a trade in is Geoff Wilson’s Leader’s Fund, which has recently listed... Show More

Saxo Capital Markets Australia

With the world's second largest economy about to take the largest annual holiday in the world: Chinese New Year. It's worth assessing the possibility of what would be a welcome and, arguably, overdue 'gift' from the Chinese central bank; the People's Bank of China. Saxo Capital Markets' analyst Kay Van-Petersen... Show More

John Robertson

Occasionally, movements in the prices of gold equities make sense. Eight months ago, I posted this wire outlining the latest results from my gold sector valuation model. It referred to the model’s four most overvalued and four most undervalued stocks (with the hope the latter four would subsequently perform... Show More

Saxo Capital Markets Australia

Yesterday’s strong rebound in the Aussie Dollar caught shorts off guard, a move that Saxo Capital Markets traders of the Australian desk had predicted just a week ago (see here: The ramp up of the Australian currency now is "potentially setting the stage for a test of the key... Show More