US Inflation

Nick Grove

A combination of better-than-expected US growth, a ramping up in quantitative tightening in the US, and a massive liquidity injection in China have seen Wilson Asset Management Chairman and Chief Investment Officer, Geoff Wilson, alter his market outlook from being “ultra” to only “mildly” bearish. In the latter part of 2018,... Show More

Chris Watling

In the next 6 – 9 months, the US inflation outcome will be the key determining factor of both Fed policy and therefore the longevity of this US economic cycle. Current consensus expectations lean firmly towards a low inflation outcome and therefore a dovish Fed with continued, albeit low, economic... Show More

Livewire News

Overnight: A testimony from Fed Chair Janet Yellen has set the stage for a rate hike in December. The yield on U.S. Treasury notes spiked to 0.82% as Yellen laid out the preconditions required for a hike saying the December meeting was live. “At this point, I see the U.S.... Show More