Buy Hold Sell

It’s difficult to make predictions, particularly about the future! But we’re going to give it a go anyway. In the first video of our 2019 Outlook Series our panel of fund managers share their views on the outlook for interest rates and for equities in 2019. We also asked each fund manager to nominate a crowded trade, where the market is pricing an outcome as certain and they believe it isn’t going to play out. 

The 2019 Panel 

We've now tracked and reviewed over 1000 calls from ~50 fund managers participating in our weekly Buy Hold Sell videos series. The panel this year features the fund managers who have the highest successful hit rates and those who have made the best performing buy or sell calls. 

Click on the player below to access the video.


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Ben Wadley

Love the Buy Hold Sell segment. Have you ever thought about posting a blooper episode (i am sure you don't get it right in one take). In the current times when the market is a bit bear we could all do with a bit of a laugh.

James Marlay

Hi Ben, thanks for your feedback and we love the concept of a bloopers reel. Definitely something we can put together and there is always a few laughs when we film the episodes.

Henry Kaye

Not one mention of the most important driver of the ASX - the banking sector - nobody in the long-only community wants to scare the birds Totus for the Win!

Kim Jordan

Another vote for the bloopers reel - and my ongoing vote for the Buy Hold Sell segment, always enjoyed, thank you.