Aussie market surprised everyone with a short covering recovery to finish on a strong positive despite the early morning selloff. The global unknown is the growth rate of the Chinese economy. Global sentiment improved today as PBOC tried to calm markets down confirming their growth outlook views while leaving the domestic equity market to slide down. Chiquities or Shangbang was down another 8% today and looks well on the way to meet more fair market multiple driven support levels. The Chinese market is beginning to look at 8-10% Yuan devaluation by the end of this year and potentially another 10% in 2016. China is going down the well-worn path of Currency War to reclaim manufacturing from US and Europe. The market is now showing value and the risk/return points to buy time…quality yield stocks in low growth outlook will deliver over time…global investor pain can be local investor gain…stay nimble, tip your toes and hold fire till global market selloff momentum turns…we are seeing early signs of improving sentiment today in our markets!!! (VIEW LINK)