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Over the next week investors will receive financial updates from three out the four 'Big Banks' (NAB, ANZ, WBC). Omkar Joshi from Regal Funds says that margins, capital requirements and bad debts will be the key themes for investors to focus on from the reports.

Interestingly, it is bad debts that Joshi believes could be the source of a positive upside surprise. In particular he says ANZ could catch investors off guard;

“That is one that’s been hit quite hard by a lot of these bad debts. We might actually see them come in well below what they’ve talked about in the past and that is potential earnings upside for them.”

In this video, Joshi expands each of these themes and shares his current investment view on the banking sector.


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Avatar fallback

Andrew Button

Very lucid overview of the Aussie banking sector with an equally clear conclusion. Good one. Keep them coming. Best AB

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