Perpetual Equity Investment Company

Perpetual’s Global Equities team are “true to label” value stock pickers. They use a tried-and-tested methodology, developed at Perpetual over 50 years, to uncover companies with the greatest long-term potential. Garry Laurence, Portfolio Manager, says “As an active, value manager, with a bottom-up investment process, we do not attempt to predict where markets are heading – we simply aim to choose the best quality investments at prices that represent good value, based on their potential risks and returns. We then invest in 20-40 of the highest quality companies that are managed well and generate strong cash flow and consistent earnings.” The Global Share Fund has a “Recommended” rating from Zenith and has returned 21.6% net per annum over the past five years to 30 September 2017.* If you believe your portfolio might benefit from an actively managed, highly concentrated, global value manager, please visit the information page to learn more


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