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Global Equities: The Top 10 PE10

Callum Thomas
Callum Thomas Topdown Charts

Here's an updated scan across countries and regions to find the top (and bottom) PE10, and follows on from a previous version I shared back in August last year. Briefly on methodology, the PE10 is a stock market valuation metric which compares the stock index to the average earnings of... Show More

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Outlook 2018: Developed markets looking expensive

Jacob Mitchell
Jacob Mitchell Antipodes Partners

The year of 2017 was the year of the structural winner, with the market led higher by the digital platform “FAAMNGS” (the acronym keeps extending as the list of perceived winners broadens) and the stylistic domination of Growth. Disruption was never more topical with nothing appearing more disruptive than crypto-currency... Show More

Livewire Summer School: Australian investors finally favouring global equities

Paul Moore
Paul Moore PM Capital

The underperformance of the Australian share market versus global equities over the past few years has assisted to break the back of the idea that you must invest domestically to get the best returns. But it’s only another reason why Australians are preferring to put their money into geography-agnostic vehicles.... Show More

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The top 10 Charts for 2018

Callum Thomas
Callum Thomas Topdown Charts

I spent a lot of time in the 2017 End of Year Special Edition looking back across the year, covering some of my best charts and calls (and some of the worst!). But this article provides a look at the most important part of that report. Show More

Livewire Summer School: November rain, and insurance claims

Livewire Exclusive

Guns N’ Roses released their first debut album titled “Appetite for Destruction” in July 1987. Three months later one of the most violent and unexpected equity market corrections in US history occurred. The Dow lost 22.6% of its value on Black Monday, and the causes behind the dramatic fall are... Show More

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Jupiter reaching for the stars

Andrew Macken
Andrew Macken Montgomery Global Investment Management

We were recently asked what we see in Jupiter Fund Management (LSE: JUP), a UK-based business owned in the Montgomery global portfolios. Without giving away our entire analysis, the following note seeks to lay out, in simple terms, why we believe this is a high quality global business that is... Show More

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Finding opportunities on the road less travelled

Arik Star
Arik Star Ellerston Capital

In global developed equity markets the mid/small cap universe is more than five times the size of the large cap universe. Within that global mid/small cap universe, EGI focusses on change; companies going through what we call a period of price discovery. This typically includes spin offs, fallen angels, management... Show More

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Re-rating of European stocks on the cards

Peter Wilmshurst
Peter Wilmshurst Templeton Global Growth Fund Ltd (ASX code:TGG)

We know Europe has been through a touch economic cycle over the last few years since the GFC. That's somewhat on the mend now. Once the European earnings come through, the markets will start to appreciate that and reward those stocks - both with a re-rating as well as seeing... Show More

40 global stocks hand-picked for you by Perpetual

Perpetual Limited
Perpetual Limited Fund Manager

Perpetual’s Global Equities team are “true to label” value stock pickers. They use a tried-and-tested methodology, developed at Perpetual over 50 years, to uncover companies with the greatest long-term potential. Garry Laurence, Portfolio Manager, says “As an active, value manager, with a bottom-up investment process, we do not attempt to... Show More

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Full steam ahead for healthcare sector

Peter Wilmshurst
Peter Wilmshurst Templeton Global Growth Fund Ltd (ASX code:TGG)

What are the long-term secular drivers for the Healthcare sector? Ageing populations across developed markets, rising middle class demanding better healthcare facilities in the emerging markets, and key reforms in the US all imply healthcare is a positive investment area for almost every global economy we look at. The right... Show More

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VGI Partners Global Investments Limited IPO now open

Livewire Exclusive

VGI Partners, which was founded by Robert Luciano in 2008, has three key tenets; capital preservation, superior long-term compound growth, and concentration. Since inception in 2009, the VGI Partners Master Fund has generated a compound annual return of 14.6% p.a. to June 2017. Show More

Attributes of an outstanding investment

Livewire Exclusive

Short-term wins make great headlines, but it's the long-term wins that make a real impact on a portfolio. Superior long-term compound growth is one of the key tenets at VGI Partners. Managing Partner, Robert Luciano, identifies lubricants manufacturer, WD-40 as an example of a superior long-term growth opportunity. Show More

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Two tech stocks worth knowing about

Andrew Macken
Andrew Macken Montgomery Global Investment Management

With plenty of buzz about the FANG stocks, the next time you think of the word FANG, think about the underlying power of the business models and applying this to other stocks. Show More

One of the savviest deals in American history?

PM Capital
PM Capital Fund Manager

It’s US basketball’s (NBA) finals season; it’s timely therefore to take a look at one of the best investments in NBA history; one that could easily be among the savviest business deals of all time. Show More

The End of Creative Destruction: How Facebook and Silicon Valley Destroy Growth

Chad Slater
Chad Slater Morphic Asset Management

“Technological innovation seems to be moving faster than ever, from driverless cars to robot lawyers to 3D-printed human organs. The not-so-good news is that we can see technological breakthroughs everywhere except in the productivity statistics.” Christine Lagarde, IMF (April 2017) Show More

On the ground: Insights from Europe

PM Capital
PM Capital Fund Manager

PM Capital's Chief Investment Officer Paul Moore and Portfolio Manager John Whelan recently completed a research tour of the United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain. In this video, Paul and John review their tour, sharing insights which show us that some current market beliefs are misconceptions, and that new opportunities are... Show More

Australian stocks a better bet

Livewire Exclusive

David Wanis, Portfolio Manager at Schroders Australia discusses where to find value in global markets today. While all markets appear fairly fully-priced, David makes the argument that domestic equities have a better three-year outlook than international equities. He also discusses why he believes the Australian dollar is under pressure in... Show More

European share market valuations

Callum Thomas
Callum Thomas Topdown Charts

The French elections are now seemingly a done-deal, with a market friendly outcome most likely. So it's worth checking in on European equities, as I did in my weekly report. A key chart is that of forward PE ratios. By itself European equities look neither attractive nor scary on an... Show More

Five risks to this long bull market

Magellan Asset Management Limited

Hamish Douglass, the CEO, CIO and Lead Portfolio Manager (Global), discusses why capital preservation is important, gives his five biggest risks for global markets and explains why he is cautiously optimistic about President Donald Trump’s pro-growth. Show More

On the Road with Alphinity - US Health Care

Jonas Palmqvist
Jonas Palmqvist Alphinity Investment Management

I recently travelled to the US for a closer look at global health care companies. The trip was timely - the investment decision in the sector became increasingly contentious during 2016, driven by the US political debate as well as some weakening fundamental trends in the stocks. I came away... Show More

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