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PM Capital tackles a big issue with Listed Investment Companies

PM Capital

The arguments for using Listed Investment Companies (LICs) are numerous and the burgeoning LIC offering on the ASX means investors now have more choice than ever. One of the biggest frustrations for many investors is the fact that LICs will often trade at a discount to their Net Tangible Assets... Show More

Why we still favour global equities

Scott Haslem

As 26th President of the USA, Teddy Roosevelt said, “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing…the worst thing you can do is nothing.” Last month - where we set course for the rest of 2018 with our strongest views - one of... Show More

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Asian Equities series: Part 4: What are our top picks?

Peter Wilmshurst

In the last part of this video series, we discuss how we are finding opportunities in Asia that may be surprising. Show More

The most crowded trades in the world

Livewire Exclusive

Towards the end of any cycle, as investors get confident and start to ignore risks, some trades can become overcrowded. What starts out as attractive returns can quickly become hot, burning investors who get caught up in the hype. In the 90s it was internet stocks, in the 00s it... Show More

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Asian Equities series: Part 3: What are the key risks?

Peter Wilmshurst

In part 3 of this video series, we discuss some of the key risks associated with investing in Asian markets, which investors need to be cognizant of. Show More

Hidden gems in the global small and mid-cap market

Adrian Martuccio

Global small and mid-cap companies (SMID) can complement and diversify existing exposure to mega and large-cap companies, as well as reduce exposure to potential crowding-risk related to heightened passive flows. Below we highlight key characteristics of the asset class, and illustrate our selection process using two company examples. Show More

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Asian Equities series: Part 1: Finding value in unexpected places

Peter Wilmshurst

Asia is offering compelling investment opportunities, though not necessarily in the places one might expect. Fundamental conditions within the region have improved significantly and valuations remain undemanding, particularly relative to the later-cycle US market. Show More

Globalization Demands a Different Investment Approach

Paul Hennessy

The notion of global investing is not what it used to be just 10 years ago. Rapid advancements in technology, free trade agreements and the rise of multinationals in emerging markets has transformed the structure of the economic world today, allowing companies to compete for customers, labor and capital... Show More

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What are our strongest investment positions?

Scott Haslem

In our first monthly letter for the year, we highlighted that 2018 was unlikely to be a ‘set and forget’ year for investment strategy. As we approach the second half of 2018, macro uncertainty and cascading geo-political risks continue to impact markets and seem likely to befriend us for the... Show More

Don't let the noise drown out the facts

Julien Brodie

April was a volatile month indeed – or so you would think if you have been following the news. While sensationalised reporting generates readership, a comprehensive assessment of the data often doesn’t support the narrative. Show More

Investing in the right place at the right time

Andrew Macken

The following is an extract from a note that was recently sent to investors in the Montaka Global Fund. There is a famous quote attributed to Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s (at least as we know it today): “The key to success is being in the right place at... Show More

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Book Number 5 - Only The Paranoid Survive by Andrew S. Grove (Revised May 18)

Lachlan Hughes

Long before the term disruption was popularised by Silicon Valley, high quality business managers have been alert to the existence of change. In fact, Joseph A. Schumpeter, in Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy noted; Show More

In Focus: Plato Global Shares Income Fund

Dan Pennell

Franking credits, income levels and home bias are just 3 reasons why Australian investors have such a love affair with domestic markets. However, with Australia’s top 6 yielding stocks providing approximately 50% of ASX200 Income, investors are exposing themselves to dangerous levels of concentration risk. Indeed if you held the... Show More

Book Number 6 – The Little Book of Value Investing by Christopher Browne (Revised May 18)

Lachlan Hughes

Today I review the investment classic authored by Christopher Browne, ‘The Little Book of Value Investing’. Browne was a partner at Tweedy, Browne Company – the oldest value investing house on Wall Street. Again, I recommend reading the book in its entirety. However, here are my favourite chapters. Show More

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KKR - the next phase for a legend

PM Capital

KKR & Co has been a US-based alternative asset manager since 1976. Now, it's changing. PM Capital Portfolio Manager, John Whelan, explains why KKR & Co. is going through major corporate change and why it may be positive for the company. Show More

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Value still exists in Shell, despite threat of EVs

Peter Wilmshurst

Royal Dutch Shell’s valuations make its stock look very tempting despite concerns over electric cars taking over. Show More

Conventional asset allocation - will it meet your expectations after the inflection in interest rates?

Paul Moore

In the video below, taken from the recent PM Capital Adviser Forum, Chief Investment Officer Paul Moore discusses why equities still stack up versus other asset classes, particularly government bonds. He also comments on modern asset allocation and why advisers and their clients need to think differently. Show More

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Beat the tech blues with this database vendor

Peter Wilmshurst

In the past companies used to buy a database, install it on their hardware, and deploy it locally. But what we've seen over the last few years is the rise of cloud computing, a significant evolution in the way in which we save, store and access data, and that has... Show More

Podcast: Profiting from the global rise of internet usage

Peters MacGregor Capital Management

In the third episode of the Peters MacGregor Global Investing Podcast, Nathan Bell, Head of Research, and Trevor Scott, Senior Investment Analyst, compare and contrast the digital landscape and internet service providers in Australia and around the world. With growing internet usage demands and consumption of online content around the... Show More

An uncomfortable balance

Alva Devoy

The recovery in global stock markets has turned into one of the strongest bull markets on record, eclipsed only by the 1990s bubble in technology, media and telecoms. That in itself need not necessarily be cause for alarm. Records, as they say, are there to be broken and bull markets... Show More

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