Companies that change the way we do business can offer great opportunities as they establish and monetise new marketplaces. So in this week’s Buy Hold Sell we review 3 stocks leveraging this theme, as well as a microcap taking on Tatts and TAB, and a stock enjoying the NBN as a tailwind... 


Panel: Matthew Kidman, Centennial Asset Management; Jeremy Bendeich, Avoca Investment Management; Tony Waters, QVG Capital. 


Both panelist put a buy on the first stock, an online classifieds trading platform, with tony saying: “It's still doing double digit growth, and it's doing that in free cash also.” There is less agreement on the travel agent, and outdoor advertising company covered, with Jeremy saying of the latter: “It's a sell. At the end of the adding capital to the business returns have got to fall. Market expectations too high.”  

Jeremy brings a microcap that has gained 160% in the last three months by offering better tote odds than the big players. Tony offers a smallcap consumer choice platform that could have good momentum over the next 12-24 months as the NBN, and several other tailwinds, support its growth.   

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