Aleksandar Bogdanovic

Many things mentioned could also be derived and generated from common knowledge. Thank you for your wisdom.

Mark Peterson

Ie travel companies are going cheap at present...

John Smale

Hi Shane what will it take to turn AMP around?

Chris K

I thought the crash after the roaring twenties was approx 80%, the graph above shows less than 10%. Maybe it was 80% in the US?

Graeme Holbeach

Chris; The 1929 decline of 46% as shown in the graph is correct. Not sure how you came with less than 10%. Perhaps you do not understand logarithmic scale graphs? And yes, it was about 80% in the USA.

Barun Dutta

Dear Shane It is a great opportunity to reach you through Livewire along with reading your valued comments. They are factual and very valuable. Thanks a lot. Honestly, you do not need my certificate as everyone is well aware of your par excellence skills and knowledge on financial management and financial investment. Only one dumb question I beg to ask (and hopefully to get a response without too many caveats), how come AMP as an institution backed by experts like you and others, has not been able to benefit its shareholders compared to its competitors and been so criticised around governance? Thanks

Wakefield Sykes

Great article!