Jay Kumar

Key insights Global emerging markets have provided very strong returns for long term investors. However, investors have to be prepared to accept higher volatility over shorter periods of 3 years and less. Significant performance dispersions across regions, countries, sectors and styles factors provide substantial opportunities for active managers. Smart-beta or factor strategies have delivered... Show More

Andrew Mouchacca

Active management has successfully delivered alpha from Australian small companies over the long-term. Further, in periods when the dispersion of stock returns within the benchmark has been high, the median manager has delivered strong alpha. However, the ability to outperform the benchmark in periods of low returns dispersion (as has... Show More

Alva Devoy

Emerging markets were volatile throughout 2018, especially during quarter four as they sold off and took some valuation froth out of the market. This has continued into 2019 thus far, but as investors, it’s important to step back and take a longer-term view of the situation. I recently sat down... Show More

Dr Jerome Lander

Almost universally weak performance of fund managers over the last two months has left many advisers and their investors in shocked disbelief, or hiding under their sheets unwisely hoping for a change in market conditions. It has been almost impossible for those with active manager portfolios to avoid at least... Show More