This is not a time for hand holding. This post is for those, like us, excited about the falls we are seeing on global markets. It's for those, like us, who use these opportunities to invest. It's time to get busy and here's how to go about it: 1. Stick to what you know. This is not the time to be researching new stocks you have never heard of because their prices have fallen 50%. You have hopefully been working away in boom markets to develop a list of stocks you would like to own at the right price. This is the week to dust it off and put it into action. 2. Focus on better quality businesses. We were still sifting through the rubble of the 2008-9 bear market two years after the recovery and finding screaming bargains. At times like this, invest in the businesses you know are great and come back for the rest later. Click here for the full article <a href="" target="_blank" data-event-type="click" data-event="link_click">(VIEW LINK)</a>