Ngaire Groves

Thank You. Always good to hear about the other side of share investing and trading as well.

Brad Hay

BUBS sucked me in, off the back of the stellar run that A2M showed as possible in the burgeoning Chinese baby formula market.

Carl Bowden

ASX. I sold at around $66 after reading plenty of stuff about how it was over-valued and none of the fund managers were recommending it. After I sold mine it went to more than $80 and it's still there. I made a very tidy 60% profit on it but it could have been a lot more. I'm not complaining about that sort of return but I still left a lot on the table.

SIQ. Smart sold. & then CEO left.Jumped on again only have it fall again.


MRG, LON, SUP. Bought the hype and the share prices proceeded to crash!

James Marlay

My two worst calls this year were 1) holding too much cash and 2) Not selling my Westpac shares and moving on. I should have cut my losses and moved on to a better idea..

Carl Bowden

Like James I also held onto Westpac for too long, thinking that bank shares would always be good to buy and hold. I've learnt from that mistake!

Vishal Teckchandani

My biggest mistake was to not consider 'total returns'. As a result I was far too overweight high yield shares where the income was offset by capital losses. Also jumped into SPT at peak-euphoria but have chosen to sit on it. Only time will tell how that goes!

Allan Phu

I took out a small margin loan at the start of the year. My mistake was that I didn't go hard enough.

Judith Houlton

Two big mistakes, Novonix and G8Education. Novonix is lithium and G8 has a high dividend. Both have died!

jeffrey mcinnis

Looks like Wespac caught a lot of us! But what to swap it for??? Can't wait for the 2020 investor's recommendation to come out on 2 Jan as just maybe that's my answer.

Sean Mac

I got sucked in by the hype around Speedcast and Superloop - managed to get out halfway thru the fall so I guess that's something..

Oliver Hugh Raymond

Costa Group.. I thought they had drought proofed themselves. They hadn't. Lesson: be very wary with any stocks directly dealing in agricultural products. They tend to be very cyclical.

Chris Bishop

NGI was my worst result too. Glad I am in good company!

Tom Porter

This one started well before this year but was put out of its misery in 2019. Blue Sky Alternative Investments. Ouch.

david rose

What about the awful calls we don't yet know about?

Kylie Carnegie

WAAAX pulled me in, spun me ‘round and spat me out; still reeling from the ride and now recognise I’m not a roller coaster punter.

colin gersch

(SDA) Seemed to tick most boxes ,but unfortunately I underestimated the danger and effect of a company carrying too much debt, and perhaps trying to grow too quickly . Expensive lesson!

peter babbage

babbo springwood 13.01.20 buying $57000.00 of westpac shares $33.10 being greedy for the dividend. not only that i sold asx@$54.08 to help fund the purchace.!!!!!!!