Many ASX-listed telcos have been struggling in recent years. A combination of rising rates, industry competition, and the introduction of the NBN, have made lives difficult for many operators. Mark Landau, Joint Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer at L1 Capital, says there’s one ASX telco he’d be happy to own if the market closed for five years.

Their incredible fibre-optic network will be capable of speeds up to 50 times what’s available in Australia. Landau says one of the key reasons he’d be happy to own it in the long-term is its growth and yield.

“It’s on a six percent dividend yield, and we think that dividend is going to grow much faster than the broader yield sector, particularly once the fibre-build finishes.”

Watch the video below to find out which company offers this exciting opportunity.

IPO offer now open

The L1 Capital Long Short Fund is seeking to list on the ASX as a new listed investment company. The offer is now open with more information available here.

Chris Eyles

Surprised there is no mention of Technology risk from wireless upgrade eg 5....6.....7....G making fixed lines redundant. Why do households need data speeds above 25 Mbs? That’s already simultaneous streaming of 4 HD movies !. Ok i accept it’s only one 4K stream but let’s be pragmatic here.......