matthew coombe

good stuff chris - I fear that the states will not permit this to happen

Christopher Joye

thanks buddy, always nice to get feedback

Himanshu Desai

Just my thoughts, Chris. ScoMo will implement two track restrictions, letting the below 50 age group to kick start the economy, especially tourism, education and housing.

curt tebbutt

Not sure which universe you are operating in Chris, but to suggest the US reaching its zenith in April is a pipe dream. They have absolutely no idea how many cases they have,as testing of even front line health workers isn’t being done because of test kit shortages & false results. The worlds largest economy is only at the very start of their crisis & I think the (global) fallout is going to be worse than your predictions as it slowly creeps across the country. There is no cure or vaccine as yet,so to loosen restrictions early is to simply invite another breakout of the same virus, seems common sense doesn’t it, or does Donald Trump have all the answers the world needs,as he says?

Matt Gaddes

It's a little premature...

Roscoe K

The USA is being run like a corporation and is showing pure capitalism at work, ie the $ comes before all else. This policy will result in a health disaster like never before and the ensuing economic collapse will drag the rest of the planet down with them, just as it did in the GFC. Australia is doing a great job at managing the virus at present must be careful not to mimic US greed. So keep the lockdown going until the rate of spread nears zero.