jon lypher

i was going to invest some money with Nucleus Wealth but clearly have a bear view on the market so I will invest elsewhere where the fund manager is more positive

Matt Daniell

I have absolutely no involvement with Nucleus Wealth other than reading Damien's normally insightful commentary. Yet that comment by Jon is so bizarre it can't go un-commented-on. I'm not sure being "positive" is the secret to being a successful (ie profitable - that's the goal) investor. The first rule of this fight club is not to lose money. The market is always right is a common saying. If you find a good manager too, you can be invested in bear markets and bull markets. Interesting anyway Jon. Good luck.

Damien Klassen

Transparency is a big thing for us. Our clients can see all of our asset allocation, every stock or bond in their portfolio and each stock has a report why we hold it. We blog many times a month and podcast once a week. So, I think Jon's comment highlights the advantage of our approach. We want our clients to understand how their money is positioned. If we had been the typical black box superannuation or investment fund then Jon would have given us money and never known that our views were different to what he actually wanted from a fund manager. So, I'm glad we are doing what we are doing! Hope you find a manager whose views line up with yours Jon.

Josh Verlin

Jon there is a big Aussie fund manager who publicly stated Corona wasn't an issue 1 month ago. I believe they are 'touring' now'. You two would make a great match!