Business Spectator picked up our article on the five primary issues that will influence our portfolio positioning and the broader clean energy space for the next 12 months. (VIEW LINK)

Nathan Lim

Hi James. Glad you liked it. I would only add that while these are front of mind for us, the underlying strategy remains focused on pursuing energy efficiency opportunities. Efficiency makes these challenges just that much easier to overcome and in the end an easy choice for businesses and consumers alike.

James Marlay

Nathan, thanks for sharing and a very interesting article. The rise of solar in Japan is a really interesting development in response to the Fukushima disaster and is a great example of the role that renewable energy can play. Your fifth point - on Carbon reduction is definitely the most politicized and conflicted when it comes to a consensus of opinions. Hopefully some other nations will be able to execute and demonstrate a path forward that will generate sufficient buy in from Australia.