Investing isn’t a popularity contest and when it comes to being un-popular Australia’s ‘Blue Chips’ are leading the way. The reasons to be negative are numerous and well documented. Banks face rising regulation, traditional retailers are grappling with the shift to online and consumer staples are under pressure from aggressive competition. Adding to these specific challenges is the low growth economic environment. This scenario sounds like the perfect recipe for value investors to go hunting for bargains… In this episode of Buy Hold Sell we ask two value managers for their views on a selection of beaten up Blue Chips. The stocks discussed include ANZ, Myer, Woolies and Coca Cola Amatil. Tune in as Matthew Kidman from Centennial Asset Management hosts Steve Johnson from Forager and Stuart Jackson from Montgomery in the latest episode of Buy Hold Sell.

Buy Hold Sell

Grant, why not have a look back over some of the recent episodes of Buy Hold Sell.

Andrew Button

Love the format...short, punchy distillation of the extensive knowledge, experience and intuition of market-savvy operators. Keep them coming! Andy B


I love this format too. I don't hold anything in the top 20 myself, and I agree with most of their views.