Bell Potter

In this excerpt from The Coppo Report, Richard Coppleson discusses the unusual volatility seen in markets this year. “In 2016 – so far – we have seen the market up or down 1% on 37 days out of 76 trading days – that’s running at a whopping 50%.” This level of volatility is seeing “stocks & markets get very overbought & very oversold as emotion can take a leading role when people become fearful on the downside & then FOMO – fear of missing out – on the upside.” He sees more of the same in the short term; “the next big moves will more than likely be on the downside & that will test everyone yet again.” However, he sees improvement later in the year; “unless we go through a 2008 / 2009 GFC I’d expect this to decrease slowly, BUT not in the short term. As there are just too many issues will drive more big swings in the market all through May & possibly June.” Report attached.


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