Disappointing Aussie jobs data cap's an otherwise pretty healthy week for the local economy, with PCI expanding, retail sales strong, Dun and Bradstreet business expectations soaring and mortgage demand booming - although PSI still below 50. Weak retail sales in Europe offset by some relatively good market services PMI's - whilst in the US, mortgage app's down again, challenger job losses higher, but otherwise reasonable data set. Gold consolidating above USD $1300, but no clear direction right now. Interesting that we've got the Fed proposing 'lower for longer' on the interest rate front, and ECB, whilst unlikely to act with haste, are only delaying easing, which most expect to come in next few months Will be interesting to watch US GDP and Non Farms, although i think market might treat anything between 100k to 150k as a non-event - above 150-160k will be 'taper on'. more detailed thoughts available here (VIEW LINK)


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James Marlay

The jobs data is definitely surprising. Almost feels like a bit of a hangover in what is otherwise some pretty positive looking data. China story getting surprisingly less airtime now that things have stabilised.