Soon after COVID-19 lockdowns were announced, central banks injected trillions of dollars of money supply into economies. This, combined with huge rescue packages from governments, lit a fire under financial assets, quickly sending them back towards (and even beyond) previous highs. One sector set to benefit from this money printing is precious metals, according to Ben Cleary, Portfolio Manager of the Tribeca Global Natural Resources Fund.

“The last real bull move for gold was following the GFC in the US, where there was around $3 trillion globally in stimulus. We’ve already had almost five times that amount in the last three months.”

In this episode of The Rules of Investing Podcast, we also discuss a better alternative than lithium for getting exposure to the battery boom, and one little-known sector that could deliver big returns in the coming years.

Time stamps

  • 2:12 - The elevator pitch
  • 3:31 - What drew Ben to the commodities world?
  • 4:36 - Dealing with the cyclicality of the sector
  • 8:15 - What is a Commodities Trading Adviser (CTA)?
  • 9:34 - How Ben identifies new investment opportunities
  • 12:13 - Precious metals - why is he's looking to double the Fund’s weighting
  • 14:44 - Is there an opportunity in silver?
  • 17:10 - The main factor driving gold prices
  • 19:57 - Ben’s preferred play on gold
  • 23:25 - Some of the exploration projects on his radar
  • 24:49 - Why he's not sold on lithium
  • 28:18 - A few names for a nickel pure-play
  • 30:19 - The uranium bull thesis
  • 41:15 - The best way to invest in this theme
  • 42:43 - Ben answers our three favourite questions.

Note: This podcast was recorded on 2nd June 2020.

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Chris McDermott


Dave Lancaster

That was fantastic. Thanks Patrick and Ben.

Barbara Schroder

Another great guest and interview. Ben's insight and advice for success is invaluable and also peace of mind for me as I have just invested a lot in Saracen. Thanks Patrick.

John Anthony muller

Very interesting,very informative!Excellent


Great interview with someone about whom I haven't heard before but will follow more closely. And Patrick, keep it up. Your passion is infectious.

Glen Jeffreys

Nice work - really enjoyed this discussion. Cheers Patrick & Ben!

Captain Winklewand

good talk - thanks

John Cohen

Excellent interview once again Patrick. As a gold-bug myself who is also bullish on uranium and have been in and out of both IGO and WSA (nickel), I found this super-interesting and useful.

Steve Grozdanov

Great podcast - informative

Ben Stewart

Ben mentioned Golden Bear in Canada. Did he mean Great Bear?

Sam Bartone

Thanks Patrick. Please do more of these interviews on the Aussie resources sector- mining and energy. I think you'll find you will have a lot of interest. Thanks again also to Ben for sharing his in-depth insights in these sectors.