Betting on the perfect storm

Nigel Littlewood & Jackson Lee

As value investors, we usually shy away from resources and materials because the factors influencing their price are inherently unpredictable – namely macro factors, the inability to reliably measure and forecast supply and demand, and the timing of cycles – not to mention the poor capital allocation of most miners. Show More

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On the crest of a uranium wave?

Tim Boreham

The paradox of the current uranium market is that the more the major producers curtail output because of a stubbornly low price for the commodity, the higher the hopes of a recovery. Show More

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The Rules of Investing: Rick Rule’s secrets of success

Livewire Exclusive

This week’s guest on the podcast is Rick Rule, President and CEO of natural resources specialists, Sprott US Holdings. According to Mining Journal, Rick is one of the top five most influential people in mining globally; an honour that he shares with President Xi Jinping and Donald Trump. Show More

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Like buying oil at $20 a barrel

Michael Goldberg

Uranium stocks have been quietly gaining in recent months, however, we expect materially more from the sector as it continues to rationalise in the medium-term. To put the current price of uranium into terms more familiar: we believe it is trading at the equivalent of oil at US$20 per barrel. Show More

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Cobalt continues to move up strongly

Matthew Langsford

Like we did last year with lithium and Aussie-domiciled gold producers, we have selected those companies that represent the best risk-adjusted exposures to cobalt, allowing the fund to deliver returns not correlated to resource indices. This process meant that part of the Terra team travel to a number of cobalt... Show More

The Burgeoning Uranium Renaissance

Gavin Wendt

Anyone even remotely associated with the resource sector is well acquainted with the concept of patience. One interesting quote that probably sums up what’s required is as follows: “Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.” Nowhere is this more relevant... Show More

Three Junior Equities Benefitting from Uranium's Recovery

Gavin Wendt

Uranium has been the most-hated commodity since 2011 - and the Global X Uranium ETF, which tracks global uranium miners, is down by 90% over the last six years. But since the Trump election victory, international uranium stocks have soared by 59%. The market is speculating that the Trump administration... Show More

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Producer Discipline Suggests Uranium Price Recovery

Gavin Wendt

Most commodities rose solidly (even strongly) during 2016, but uranium missed the party badly – it fell by 41% and hit a 12-year low of $20/lb during November. What a far cry from its peak of $137/lb in mid-2007, when oil hit $150 a barrel and most commodities enjoyed a... Show More

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Lithium - Betting on the Impossible

John Robertson

There’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that lithium market forecasts will be realised. My reasons for saying this (and why uranium may offer better investment returns than lithium) are here: http://www.portfoliodirect.com.au/WeeklyReports/300516/page1.html Show More

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Alto Metals Targets Historical Troy Resources Gold Properties

John Robertson

Alto Metals (AME:AU) does not have the time to wait for the uranium market to turn. It has jettisoned its former name of Enterprise Uranium, put aside some exciting uranium exploration opportunities and joined the rush to rehabilitate historical WA gold workings as a short-cut to value. Alto Metals intends... Show More

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Uranium prices, when will they improve? Milestones continue while we wait - (TOE) Toro Energy Limited

Murdoch Gatti | York Wealth Management

Extension of Environmental Approval at Wiluna Underway, ESD's submitted for review by the EPA for the Millipede and Lake Maitland deposits. The approval process is expected to be completed in the 2H’CY2016. Landowner approval progressing for Wiluna Project. Refinancing of Macquarie bank debt facility complete. TOE repaid the outstanding $6m... Show More

Boss Resources: Uranium resource increased to 52.5Mlbs

Adam Kiley

Boss announced a maiden resource at their Gould's Dam region to 25Mlb at a grade of 510ppm. This has increased the total resource at the Honeymoon Uranium Project to 52.5 Mlbs U3O8 at a grade of 640ppm. This analysis: Show More

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Uranium Stocks Fail to Keep Pace

John Robertson

The Global X uranium ETF price has remained in a downtrend for four years. It has produced a 3.4% return since the end of 2015 (against a 27% return in the Euromoney global mining index and a 25% return in the ASX small resources share price index). Show More

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Resource upgrade signals increased production potential

Adam Kiley

Boss Resources (ASX:BOE) announced a resource upgrade at their Honeymoon Uranium Project of 27.6 Mlbs U3O8 at a grade of 820ppm. The increase comes less than two months since Boss acquired the Honeymoon Project, which is one of only four uranium projects in Australia to be fully permitted for Uranium... Show More

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Will 2016 be the year uranium prices recover?

Adam Kiley

The movement in the uranium price have been well documented over the past decade with numerous well publicised events. However the uranium price has been one of the few commodities that has stabilised over the past 12 months in US dollar terms and has actually increased in Australia dollars. Show More

Boss Resources: Honeymoon Uranium Project Acquisition - Initiation Report

Adam Kiley

Boss Resources (ASX:BOE) recently acquired the Honeymoon Uranium Project in South Australia. The project is one of only four fully permitted uranium projects in Australia. Approximately $170m has been spent on infrastructure at the project, as production commenced in 2011, however was later placed on care and maintenance in 2013... Show More

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Uranium’s Biggest Producer Gets Price Rise

John Robertson

The Kazakhstan tenge exchange rate (303 to the US dollar) continues to move lower as the country’s central bank has allowed it to float. This would normally be of little consequence for anyone outside Kazakhstan but for the fact the country accounts for 41% of the world’s uranium production (2014).... Show More

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Playing Chicken with Mine Supplies

John Robertson

Raw material users appear to be playing chicken with their supply sources. Mining companies (including new mine developers) are constantly displaying charts showing demand outstripping supply through the late 2010s and beyond. These forecasts imply good times ahead but also a perplexing refusal of end users to support needed mine... Show More

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Bannerman Resources Lags Uranium Sector Upturn

John Robertson

Uranium related equity prices have seemed in a never-ending descent belying the rosy outlook for likely usage of the commodity. My technical indicators have been pointing in recent weeks to a turn (although possibly only weak) in the Global X uranium ETF - a useful indicator of the price action... Show More

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Deep Yellow Adds Exploration Value

John Robertson

Deep Yellow (DYL:AU) exploration results (ASX 16 July 2015) are pointing to a more extensive Namibian uranium resource position than had previously been disclosed. The PortfolioDirect rating for the company had already characterised it as having a prospect quality toward the upper end of the range of possible outcomes with... Show More

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