Marcelo Lopez

L2 Capital PodcastAlex has already held various executive positions in companies in the sector, as he himself explains. So, he is able to have a deeper technical understanding of uranium particularities, such as operational issues, production, licensing and jurisdiction, which gives him a different approach when investing. Alex Molyneux curriculum... Show More

Vas Piperoglou

As a long-only value fund, we are drawn to bear markets. As alluded to in last year’s article titled ‘Like buying oil at $20 a barrel’ we have a firm interest in the beaten down uranium sector. Whilst it seems we were one of the first Aussie funds to allude... Show More

Marcelo Lopez

Nuclear reactors are in vogue again. The need for clean energy has led the world into the renewables, which include solar and wind power. The problem with these technologies is that they are not cheap, nor reliable. Nuclear is the only source of energy that provides clean and abundant energy... Show More

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Alex Cowie

In little over a year since launching The Rules of Investing podcast, Patrick Poke has published 28 podcasts with Australia’s best fund managers, hitting the iTunes top 10 on multiple occasions, achieving episodes with over 6000 plays, and racking up a cumulative 5.2 years of listening time. After such a... Show More


As the old saying goes; “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. And nowhere is this truer than the sometimes-scary world of deep value and contrarian investing. Some of the stocks mentioned here have fallen 80% or more from relatively recent highs, and have fallen off the radar of index... Show More

Patrick Poke

There's no cure for low prices like low prices, and if you're looking for low prices, uranium has suffered some of the lowest of any commodity in recent years. Uranium reached a low of US$18/lb at the end of 2016, a far cry from the US$130/lb it fetched in 2007.... Show More