Here are three things to focus on if you’re finding the rough and tumble of investing a little, well, rough. I’ve been personally enthusiastic about share registry group Computershare (ASX: CPU) over the years. It’s a great business that was very expensive many years ago but that now looks pretty cheap. I bought the first part of my current holding in August 2011 at a little less than $7.50. The stock performed pretty well thereafter, peaking around $13.00 in March 2015. It was downhill for the remainder of 2015, with Computershare’s final result causing the stock to slump below $10.00 in August 2015. I bought more at the time, topping up my holding to make it the second largest in my portfolio. Value investing made easy? Computershare’s share price then recovered to about $12.00 by November last year. This seemed like value investing made easy – buying when the stock was out of favour and then just waiting for a fast recovery. If only it were so simple. Read full article here: (VIEW LINK)