Emerging markets have begun to recover following several years of flat returns following the GFC. Rohit Chopra, Portfolio Manager for the Lazard Emerging Markets Equity Fund, believes that strong company fundamentals and growing economies have created a positive environment for emerging markets equities. 

“At these levels of valuation, you’re getting yield with equity optionality at a pretty attractive price.” 


Key points: 

  • Emerging markets are beginning to recover
  • Healthy growth of 4-6%, benign inflation, and a gradual US rate hike cycle, mean that emerging markets are in a virtuous environment
  • They’re finding stocks trading on low PEs, solid dividend yields, and improving return of equity
  • These stocks are well placed for multiple-expansion 

Further insights

In a world where relatively few financial assets can be considered cheap, we believe emerging markets pose the greatest value. Find out more