Mathan Somasundaram

Macro outlook: Central banks and global growth worries remain the key risks for industrial stocks. The herd mentality in the market has driven investors into the same market darling sector and stock exposures while macro risks in US and Europe will drive profit taking in crowded trades. The defensive yield and macro growth sectors are now trading at historical high premiums while delivering relatively low yields. We continue to see better growth and yield to value in the industrial sector as the global markets pull back on macro worries. Preferred picks in Commercial & Professional Services: IPH Preferred picks in Consumer Services: AGI and MTR Preferred picks in Media: VRL Preferred picks in Staple: A2M, BAL, BKL Preferred picks in Health Care: SRX Preferred picks in Information Technology: GBT, HSN and IFM Preferred picks in Telecommunication Services: SDA, SPK and TLS Preferred picks in Utilities: DUE and SKI. (VIEW LINK)


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