Rudi Filapek-Vandyck

Reporting season tends to reveal weaknesses and strengths among ASX-listed entities. It's not just about delivering on expectations. The best performers beat expectations and force analysts into lifting projections for the years ahead. This is why those companies' market outperformance can last up to three months after their report. On the flipside, if a report disappoints and analysts lower their projections, this usually translates into a prolonged underperformance. The complicating factor this year is that share prices already are at elevated levels which means market outperformance could be determined by the extent at which analyst valuations, and thus price targets, have lifted post results and whether those new price targets are still above where the share price already sits. Livewire readers can access the latest update providing coverage of 316 stocks by clicking this link: (VIEW LINK) (best viewed via desktop)


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