Livewire Equities

From Coppo: I have been holding off, waiting & watching - but I'm happy to fire the trigger... I'd suggest to buy SIMS (SGM). It's been hard for a long time & I've been waiting. If US GDP grows at 3% for the next 2 years & Sims get their margins back up (which management are confident they will do then it's a $15 stock trading at $10.00. Most won't buy until the turnaround is confirmed but buy then it'll be well on its way to $15.00. The new CEO (Who's only been in the role for 10 days) noted that that there are synergies from the acquisitions SGM has undertaken over the past 10 years which have not yet fully been realised, benefits of scale which remain to be capitalised, and value creating opportunities which are yet to be employed.


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