Rick Huxtable

I agree especially as stated - "governments the world over that they are committed to do whatever they can to help small businesses, their workers and the unemployed, to get through the economic crisis caused by COVID-19". Unfortunately, the Labor Party/Union Party is only interested in supporting 'Union Members' . Example: Dan Andrews premier of Victoria says that it is OK for Council Workers to continue gardening and lawn mowing BUT IT IS UNLAWFUL for self employed gardening and lawn mowing small businesses to continue their small businesses and must stay home. The small business community will be decimated together with their employees. Everyone should be treated equally. Rick Huxtable.

Grog man

Buffett sold airlines and banks. He bought into technology & gold. The economy had reached the end of its expansion before covid hit & people were expecting a recession. Not sure that we are actually in that part of the cycle.

Carlos Cobelas

China's casino cannot be trusted, nor can it's government influence on company affairs.

Raymond Jones

A great, thoughtful appraisal