GINA Rinehart's key adviser on her $200 million investment in Fairfax Media has renewed his stinging criticism of the company. Shares in the media firm yesterday surged to a 27-month high on the back of a better than expected half-year result. However, the pace of transition from print to digital along with continued declines in overall revenue has come under criticism. John Klepec from Hancock Prospecting was vocal in his criticism of Fairfax, of course we're happy that the share price has gone up today, who wouldn't be, although the decline in revenue is disappointing. They continue to move at glacial speed on key areas of revenue growth and value creative mergers that have synergies like the radio assets. Rinehart's first bout into Fairfax shares in 2010 with an entry price of $1.44 well above yesterday's closing price of $.88. (VIEW LINK)